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I'd remembered seeing the option to auto mount removable media when 
attached in System Settings > Advanced tab > Removable Devices but I 
just tried it on a removable NTFS formatted USB HD I had and it didn't 
work. I even tried the check boxes for "Mount on Attach" but it was a no 
go. I can here the drive get accessed when I hit it with Dolphin but it 
ultimately doesn't mount. I'm sure if it was FAT32 it would have worked 
fine. Kris, can that auto-mount feature be leveraged by NTFS-3G somehow?


> Thanks for replying, Ian.
> I have a USB thumb drive that is formatted in FAT32, and that worked 
> without any problems in Dolphin.  I can see the contents without using 
> sudolphin or the terminal.
> My USB NTFS drive, however, while it has directories created in /media 
> for each mount attempt, is marked unmounted in Dolphin, and listing 
> the mount points in the terminal shows that they are empty.  Konqueror 
> also shows the directories as empty.
> My internal SATA NTFS drive shows the same behavior as the USB NTFS drive.
> So this looks like Dolphin is having problems mounting the NTFS drive 
> in the first place.  Manually mounting the NTFS drives using ntfs-3g 
> from the terminal works, and the drives become accessible from Dolphin.
> Does anyone know where to configure Dolphin's mounting options?
> -Bill
> On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 10:44 AM, Ian Robinson <fitchkendall at gmail.com 
> <mailto:fitchkendall at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Bill Sun wrote:
>     I'm still not able to mount ntfs drives in dolphin in 8.1 Release.
>      I didn't
>     get any error messages as well.
>     The only other thing that I noticed is that it will create
>     directories in
>     /media, one for each mount attempt.  So, for example, I'm trying
>     to mount my
>     FreeAgent drive, I'll get "FreeAgent Drive", "FreeAgent Drive-1",
>     "FreeAgent
>     Drive-2", and so on.
>     Is there anyone else trying to mount ntfs drives in dolphin?  Are you
>     successful?  If so, did you have to do some special configuration?
>     ========================================================
>     Bill --
>     I'm running PCBSD 8.1-RELEASE.
>     I plugged in my FreeAgent 500 USB drive (which I had previously
>     converted to FAT32 & named the volume as "AGENT500")
>     Here is what I find:
>     1.  Dolphin recognized the drive and mounted it at /media/AGENT500
>     2.  Dolphin did NOT show the contents.
>     3.  KDiskFree (Start > Applications > System > View Disk Usage)
>     correctly shows the mountpoint and drive statistics
>     4.  Although Dolphin won't show any files, Terminal lets you cd
>     over to the mount point and list the files.
>     5.  Dolphin lets me un-mount the disk via a right-click on the
>     name of the USB drive in "Places"
>     6.  If I create a mount point (/mnt/whatever), then I can
>     successfully mount the drive in terminal with
>     #  mount -t msdosfs -o large /dev/da2s1 /mnt/whatever
>     or with
>     # mount_msdosfs -o large /dev/da2s1 /mnt/whatever
>     7.  Dolphin will show the mountpoint but will not see or list the
>     files
>     8.  Terminal lets you cd over to the mountpoint and list the files.
>     Two more very important points:
>     9.  Konqueror lets you see all the files.
>     10. Dolphin Admin (sudolphin) lets you see all the files.
>     Try Konqueror and Dolphin Admin to see if you get the same
>     behavior and reach the conclusion like I do that "regular" Dolphin
>     has a bug.
>     Ian Robinson
>     Salem, Ohio
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