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Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 10:44:39 PDT 2010

Bill Sun wrote:

I'm still not able to mount ntfs drives in dolphin in 8.1 Release.  I didn't
get any error messages as well.

The only other thing that I noticed is that it will create directories in
/media, one for each mount attempt.  So, for example, I'm trying to mount my
FreeAgent drive, I'll get "FreeAgent Drive", "FreeAgent Drive-1", "FreeAgent
Drive-2", and so on.

Is there anyone else trying to mount ntfs drives in dolphin?  Are you
successful?  If so, did you have to do some special configuration?


Bill --

I'm running PCBSD 8.1-RELEASE.

I plugged in my FreeAgent 500 USB drive (which I had previously converted to
FAT32 & named the volume as "AGENT500")

Here is what I find:

1.  Dolphin recognized the drive and mounted it at /media/AGENT500

2.  Dolphin did NOT show the contents.

3.  KDiskFree (Start > Applications > System > View Disk Usage) correctly
shows the mountpoint and drive statistics

4.  Although Dolphin won't show any files, Terminal lets you cd over to the
mount point and list the files.

5.  Dolphin lets me un-mount the disk via a right-click on the name of the
USB drive in "Places"

6.  If I create a mount point (/mnt/whatever), then I can successfully mount
the drive in terminal with

#  mount -t msdosfs -o large /dev/da2s1 /mnt/whatever
or with
# mount_msdosfs -o large /dev/da2s1 /mnt/whatever

7.  Dolphin will show the mountpoint but will not see or list the files

8.  Terminal lets you cd over to the mountpoint and list the files.

Two more very important points:

9.  Konqueror lets you see all the files.

10. Dolphin Admin (sudolphin) lets you see all the files.

Try Konqueror and Dolphin Admin to see if you get the same behavior and
reach the conclusion like I do that "regular" Dolphin has a bug.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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