Johann Hugo jhugo at meraka.csir.co.za
Fri Jul 23 04:32:15 PDT 2010

Some feedback on upgrading 3x PC's running PCBSD8.1 RC1

1) The installer now loads the PCBSD splash screen and I missed the option to 
skip the "check integrity of installer archive" the first time.

2) Upgrade from 8.1 RC1 to 8.1 RELEASE on a zfs partition.
On two of my PC's it worked fine without any problems. On a third one I had to 
manually do a "zpool import tank0" on the command line before the installer 
could see the old ZFS partition.

3) X with a GeForce 6200 graphics card
 With 8.1 RC1 the Display Wizard defaulted to nouveau, but with 8.1 RELEASE it 
defaulted to nvidea-256-35. If I select nvidea-256-35 then the PC crarches, 
but with nouveau it works fine.

4) X with an ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics card and dual screens.

The Display Wizard worked fine, I could enable the second screen and it was a 
clone of the fist screen. Maybe a better default option for monitor1 might be 
to configure it to the right of monitor0 with "Option "RightOf" "Monitor0".

I've manually reconfigured the screens under KDE's "system settings" -> 
"display" -> "Size & orientation" -> DVI-I_2 prosition -> right of.
This works, but it does not save the settings for some reason and you have to 
redo the setting after a reboot.

5) Dragging apps in X with ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics card
Draging windows are very slow with Option "Xinerama" "1" included. It works 
fine if I take it out.

6) Auto login for KDE
This option was selected on my old installation, but after the upgrade it 
stops at the KDM login prompt. How can I change it back to auto login ?

7) Timezone settings with new installation
The timezone selection does not work. /etc/localtime is missing and I have to 
manually copy /usr/share/zoneinfo/Africa/Johannesburg to /etc/localtime.

Thanks, looks great


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