Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 22:19:44 PDT 2010

I love this release -- its so well polished and fast, smooth, and reliable.
The installer works well.  The video installer worked perfectly.  The new
nVidia driver is great too, and for the first time I have not rushed to turn
off desktop effects.

Over the past twenty-four hours I have done five installs on my three main
day-to-day work computers.

1.  Easy Upgrade over 8.1-RC1 on first computer (HP VL420, P4 at 1.6GHz, 512
RAM)   An i386 installation upgrade over i386 8.1-RC1 went flawlessly and
this older computer worked well.  No problems.

2.  Upgrade over 8.0-Release = unknown problem on second computer (HP
xw8200, 2x Xeon, 4GB Ram, 4 disks, nVidia Quadro FX3400)   An x64
installation upgrade over x64 8.0-Release rebooted about ten minutes into
the install.  Sorry I have no data on that.  I was away from the computer
for just a few minutes while the installer reported it was "deleting
packages," and I came back to find it rebooting.   I just restarted the
install as a fresh install, had no problems, and the outcome was perfect.

3.  Problematic Upgrade over 7.1.1 on third computer (another HP xw8200, 2x
Xeon, 4GB Ram, 4 disks, nVidia Quadro FX3400) An installation upgrade over
top of PCBSD 7.1.1 appeared to do alright, but I experienced several
concerns that convinced me I should do a fresh install:

(a) On every boot, I got a KDEInit error "Could not launch
'/PCBSD/networkmanager/bin/NetworkTray'.  Network worked fine though.

(b) The active windows had no borders and no buttons to minimize, maximize,
or exit.

(c) The Kicker Favorites menu was littered with the old icons now appearing
as white boxes with question marks in them.  They did not work, but that was
no surprise.  However, I could not delete them either.

(d) The keyboard stopped working.  The mouse did work.

(e) Although many programs worked (as long as you used the mouse), you could
not use the mouse to shut down from the kicker menu.  And since the keyboard
was not working, you could not type shutdown or reboot commands in the
terminal.  I shutdown with the power button.

However, after rebooting, the keyboard did work.  I still could not shutdown
with the mouse in the kicker menu, but at least I could use the terminal to
do it.  I wonder if anyone else has had problems after upgrading over
7.1.1?   I decided that it was not a good idea and so this computer went
through another install with i386 and then with x64.

4.  i386 fresh install on Computer #3 -- No problems.  I did i386 to compare
speeds with computer #2 identical computer that had x64 on it.

5.  i64 fresh install on Computer #3 -- No problems.  i64 let me use all of
the 4GB of memory, and perhaps there was a very slight speed edge to the

All's well that ends well (especially when the /home, /etc, and /root
directories were all backed up before starting any installation).

Thanks again to Kris and his team for this incredible desktop and its launch
coming only two days after the release of FreeBSD 8.1.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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