[PC-BSD Testing] Some issues of upcoming 8.1

Yuri Momotiuk yurkis at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 00:43:59 PDT 2010

1. I can not disable 'Flip switch' window switching effect in 'Desktop
effects' settings. That makes desktop unusable when desktop effects enabled
just after few minutes of work. Please confirm if you can reproduce that.

Some cosmetic issues:
1. 'Check for Updates' button on 'System Updates' tab of Software Manger has
no border (see attachment)
2. In system installer when I double click to slice from list (see
attachment) slice edit dialog does no appear. I need to click on edit button
on top of the list as I expect.  Please connect list of slices DoubleClick
signal to slice edit button click handler.
3. Wold be good if update server connection error message shows not as modal
messagebox but for example in same label as "Checking for updates..." text.

Ps Sorry for my English
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