[PC-BSD Testing] 8.1rc1 x64 testing.

krzysiek nr10232 at op.pl
Sun Jul 11 04:24:03 PDT 2010

after another installation of 8.1 rc1 x64:
1. time was not correct - i use central European (Warsaw) but i have got 
-2 hours.
2. i can't copy some files with dolphin or krusader (files and 
directories contain characters not recognized - i have " file not found 
" error on krusader); files was unpacked by ark; below i pasted some 
info from command line interface (cli commands use that files correctly):

[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb/F/__kasuj/111]$ ls
1 Formularze - nadz?r
Formularze - nadzór.zip
[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb/F/__kasuj/111]$ cd 1
[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb/F/__kasuj/111/1]$ ls
Formularze - nadz?r
[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb/F/__kasuj/111/1]$ cd Formularze\ -\ nadz�r/
[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb/F/__kasuj/111/1/Formularze - nadz�r]$ ls
Formularze do PO-01.doc
Formularze do PO-03.doc
Formularze do PO-04 nadz?r.doc
Formularze do PO-05.doc
Formularze do PO-06.doc
Formularze do PO-07.doc
Formularze do PO-08.doc
Formularze do PO-09 nadz?r.doc
Formularze do PO-10 nadz?r.doc
Formularze do PO-11.doc
Za??cznik nr 2 do PO-02.doc
Za??cznik nr1 do PO-02 wykaz procedur inspekcyjnych.doc
[kjb at pcbsd-6224 /usr/home/kjb/F/__kasuj/111/1/Formularze - nadz�r]$


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