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>> On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 4:19 PM, Johann Kois <jkois at freebsd.org
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>>     >> I actually like the development tab and use it regularly - I'd
>>     vote to
>>     >> keep it. Realistically very few actual 'end users' use PC-BSD,
>>     but a lot
>>     > of devs do.
>>     >
>>     > Mike, those "end users" are actually waiting, desperately
>>     waiting for
>>     > PC-BSD to become a lot more end user-friendly, so that they can
>>     use it.
>>     >
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>>     > Fini D.
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>>     Hm, you want to clarify what makes the system so "totally unusable"
>> at
>>     the moment?  So that "the end-users" cannot use it?
>>     jkois
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>> If you mean that seriously, I can provide notes from my most recent
>> pilot project. If you're being facetious, then I would recommend you
>> go find a random business person and ask them to use PC-BSD for 2 weeks.
>> It's very difficult to get "basic" things working like OCS (even with
>> Pidgin and SIPE), NetMeeting (yes, many places still use this as the
>> desktop sharing utility), CheckPoint VPN, easy multi-screen desktop
>> setup for presentations, laptop sleep/hibernation mode (especially
>> when users are accustomed to simply slapping their laptops closed when
>> walking from meeting to meeting), working with their iPhones (possible
>> but tricky), playing CDs on their machines - the list goes on and on.
>> Sharepoint document collaboration 'kind of' works. You end up having
>> to check out and check in, you can't just click and edit. Seems minor
>> to me, but I assure you people were very annoyed by this. Intel
>> Landesk compatibility.
>> PC-BSD is a fantastic OS, and many of these issues aren't PC-BSD's
>> issues to resolve. They *are* issues that a user has to confront,
>> however. The screen corruption and sleep issues alone are enough to
>> kill it 99% of the time, and there's not much we can do to fix that.
>> Today's modern work environment is mostly laptops - at my company,
>> over 60,000 of them worldwide from a variety of vendors running a huge
>> pile of software and largely XP or Windows Vista. Many of these users
>> are technical/engineering types. Remarkably enough, they have the
>> *least* patience for a machine that doesn't work properly (AutoCAD not
>> being super snappy, for example) and they will plug in the weirdest
>> things.
>> 2 weeks of pilot, 20 users, PC-BSD (with almost every app they
>> requested, save netmeeting and VPN) score 4/10 for usability. Some of
>> these users had heard of Linux, some didn't even know what OS their
>> machine ran (Word and Outlook were the most popular answers in the
>> group).
> Yes, currently PC-BSD not for any user. 99% of user requirements can be
> met, but there is "that" program, which is inevitable.
> Most stop-factors for average users IMHO is:
> 1. Pretty long boot time (OMG, is this ever boots?... normal reaction
> from user) -> FreeBSD issue.
> 2. Simple reset (power blackout, laptop battery death, etc) produce even
> more longer boot time (fsck...) -> FS issue. Could be partially solved
> with making some parts of OS placed at read-only partititon, and create
> some tricks for updating, etc.... but really UFS should be upgraded
> instead in some far future.
> 3. No file extension bindings, which works in every program. (It's 2010
> year, WHY I can't simply click by *.doc in for example ThunderBird (or
> in FF, Opera, etc) and OpenOffice will open this file? Why I can't set
> my prefered browser as default browser, and click links in kopete,
> pidgin, skype etc, and they all will open as expected, and not in
> konqueror/firefox/randomBrowser/etc?..   5(!!!) years there is MKV
> format, and no file binding in all programs... ) -> Configuration issue,
> pretty much of work.
> 4. "Where is my C: ?... Where is my flash I plugged in?" -> Dolphin
> should have similar to Gnome Special place, like "My PC", definetely; ->
> KDE issue
> 5. Why I drag this there and some weird "Plasma" crashed? -> no comments
> 6. Fonts aren't pretty -> not all sizes, not all languages, not all
> screen-resolutions looks great. -> large amount of configuration
> 7. Office people mostly need print it, Scan it, send it, fax - rename
> it, etc. So scanners, printers should be easily configured, which isn't
> so easy ATM. -> all Unixes problem;
> 8. Laptops - Hibernate/Sleep/Multimedia buttons -> FreeBSD issue;
> 9. Bigger than in MSW latency when switching programs with Alt-Tab.
> (Notable not only by light-speed hackers, but also by users)
> 10. Flash played with lags -> not our problem, but users complains;
> 11. Programs launch time is bigger than in MSW. About few seconds
> against <1 sec. -> FreeBSD/KDE/X/LD issue ?...
> And of course there is more.
> ...........................

Ok people. So we know all the issue. Let's fix 'em. No more releases until
we nail every single one of em ;)

Fini D.

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