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On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 4:19 PM, Johann Kois <jkois at freebsd.org> wrote:

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> On 07.07.2010 01:02, finid at linuxbsdos.com wrote:
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> >> I actually like the development tab and use it regularly - I'd vote to
> >> keep it. Realistically very few actual 'end users' use PC-BSD, but a lot
> > of devs do.
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> > Mike, those "end users" are actually waiting, desperately waiting for
> > PC-BSD to become a lot more end user-friendly, so that they can use it.
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> Hm, you want to clarify what makes the system so "totally unusable" at
> the moment?  So that "the end-users" cannot use it?
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If you mean that seriously, I can provide notes from my most recent pilot
project. If you're being facetious, then I would recommend you go find a
random business person and ask them to use PC-BSD for 2 weeks.

It's very difficult to get "basic" things working like OCS (even with Pidgin
and SIPE), NetMeeting (yes, many places still use this as the desktop
sharing utility), CheckPoint VPN, easy multi-screen desktop setup for
presentations, laptop sleep/hibernation mode (especially when users are
accustomed to simply slapping their laptops closed when walking from meeting
to meeting), working with their iPhones (possible but tricky), playing CDs
on their machines - the list goes on and on. Sharepoint document
collaboration 'kind of' works. You end up having to check out and check in,
you can't just click and edit. Seems minor to me, but I assure you people
were very annoyed by this. Intel Landesk compatibility.

PC-BSD is a fantastic OS, and many of these issues aren't PC-BSD's issues to
resolve. They *are* issues that a user has to confront, however. The screen
corruption and sleep issues alone are enough to kill it 99% of the time, and
there's not much we can do to fix that. Today's modern work environment is
mostly laptops - at my company, over 60,000 of them worldwide from a variety
of vendors running a huge pile of software and largely XP or Windows Vista.
Many of these users are technical/engineering types. Remarkably enough, they
have the *least* patience for a machine that doesn't work properly (AutoCAD
not being super snappy, for example) and they will plug in the weirdest

2 weeks of pilot, 20 users, PC-BSD (with almost every app they requested,
save netmeeting and VPN) score 4/10 for usability. Some of these users had
heard of Linux, some didn't even know what OS their machine ran (Word and
Outlook were the most popular answers in the group).

Mike Bybee
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