[PC-BSD Testing] Boot Only Install Problems

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 13:30:32 PST 2010

Installing from PCBSD 8.0-RC-x64 "Boot Only" CD Image failed.

TRY #1 Installling from "Boot Only" CD Image

Upgrade -- Via Internet -- AUTO-DHCP

Defect #1 -- You cannot select "Internet"

Defect #2 -- You can click inside and blacken the select-circle as if to
indicate that a selection has been made.  It has not.  You must also click
the label "Install from Specificed Server" to make it work.

Defect #3 -- User Error through typing a leading "/" in the "Select
Directory" box

The target was ftp://mirrors.isc.org/pub/pcbsd/8.0-RC/amd64/

Selected FTP
Selected URL:    mirrors.isc.org
Selected Directory:     /pub/pcbsd/8.0-RC/amd64

Continued with the install configuration, and then noticed the double slash
("//") in the middle of the reported path (i.e.,
ftp://mirrors.isc.org//pub/pcbsd/8.0-RC/amd64/ ),

Defect #4 Going Back Problems. -- I tried to go back.  While the installer
does let you go back a couple of steps, but it did not let me reset the
directory path.  That could have been, as I discovered later, that it is
sometimes the case that the  selection window hides behind the main
installer window.

I could go forward again.  However, when you go forward again, the installer
routine no longer reports the ftp path.

Well, after going forward, the outcome was not pretty because:

* The installer "cleans up" (i.e. removes the old installation)
* The installer begins the installation
* The installer cannot find the install source directories (over ftp)
* The installer immediately reports "The installer encountered an error and
has been halted."

* The data in /home/<User_Name> only appeared to be intact, since you could
open an Xterm window, mount the /home directory at /mnt/home and list the
* A reboot to the "original" installation fails as no kernel will load (no
* But I could start PCBSD in the console mode, mount /home/<user_name> and
see all my data files.

Defect # 5  -- The steps to send an installation error report to my email
failed to deliver it to my email, altlhough it reported that it had sent it.

Try #2 -- Attempted to do an Upgrade Install from "Boot Only" CD after the
previous failure.

I correctly named the directory by omitting the leading "/"
Began the upgrade but it failed, probably because it does not see a system
to upgrade.

Try #3 -- Fresh Install from "Boot Only" CD

Started the install routine OK, reached the point where it began to download
from mirrors.isc.org website, and then failed.  Likewise, the attempt to
send an email message failed as before.

Instructions Needed for Network Install Using "Boot Only" CD

The PCBSD Guide does not have instructions for using the Boot Only CD.

There is good picture-based installation advice for "Boot Only" at
http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Unix/BSD/FreeBSD/Q_24389832.htm   (Note
-- you have to scroll almost all the way down past the advertising crap to
see the pictures)  The pictures are from a previous installer (PCBSD 7.x),
but clearly illustrate the steps.  Something like this would be a great
addition to the PCBSD User Guide

Ian Robinson
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