[PC-BSD Testing] Some Issues after succesful updateing 7.1 to 8.0

Matthias Vos actro at actrophp.de
Sun Jan 17 11:25:06 PST 2010

I began updating my productive 7.1 last week, had to take a break
because of a broken graphics adapter, and finished today.
I just put in here my issues while updating, maybe some are already
fixed, others may not be mentioned til today.

After booting up in 8.0 I was unable to log in as normal User, the
installer doesn't change the paths of the 7.1 so I was thrown back to
login. 7.1 uses /usr/PCBSD/local so 8.0 searches in the wrong path.

I edited paths in /home/$USER/.cshrc to fix it.
Afterwards I deleted and recreated User and chowned the homedirectory..
Maybe it is possible to set the paths correctly by an update-script in

Same problem with my locales, I use de_DE.utf-8, change was possible
after succesful login, but many errors on console and in KDE.

auth.log still shows: Jan 17 13:32:45 bolide login: login_getclass:
unknown class 'de-utf'
Any hints how to fix this?

After succesful logging in, I started updating PBIs. Is it possible to
upgrade installed PBIs automatically by "Software and Updates"? I had to
deinstall by hand and reinstall.

Another issue with kdrc. I use to remote administrate my desktop from my
laptop. kdrfb and kdrc seem to work fine, but remote is completely
disabled. I enabled it, but on my laptop it still shows an old screen
and is not usable. No problem for me to ask the KDE-people, just
wondering if anybody else has this problem.

In all other ways the 8.0 is running smooth, thanks for your good work,
keep it going.
I am really impressed..


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