[PC-BSD Testing] remote printing error

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 17 07:56:21 PST 2010

Printer configuration module works great and I was able to see the shared printer from a web browser pointed to localhost:631/printers on a PC-BSD 7.1 system. However, when I click to print a test page from the remote system, this error shows up on the beta system's console:

Officejet_6300_series?serial=CN84MFV26X04GC: prnt/backend/hp.c 496: unable to connect to hpssd socket 2207: m

Printing a test page locally is fine.

Can someone with a printer, a computer running beta, and another computer running anything with cups report on whether or not they have a similar problem printing from the system not cabled to the computer so we can see if this is a backend problem or an HP problem?


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