[PC-BSD Testing] detecting integrated ati graphics and pci audio card

Jan Beranek berik at berik.cz
Wed Jan 13 03:20:18 PST 2010

Hi all,

I've recently tested a new PC-BSD 8.0-BETA (64bit) on my two desktop 
computers and I want to write some points that I did notice.

I tested PCBSD on AMD X2(chipset 780G), which has a integrated graphics 
ATI Radeon X3200. XGUISource select a vesa video driver by default, 
where radeonhd works. Another situation would be: What if I choose a 
radeonhd driver that doesn't have support for a new graphics card? Then 
Xserver try to use the driver that doesn't work and died. Can Xserver 
use the default vesa driver to bring Xserver up after a few unsuccessful 

The other machine has a sound card M-Audio Audiophile 2496, that is not 
automatically detected. Can be added a detection of this card? (To make 
this card work I have to load a module as it is described in a manual 
page snd_envy24)

I don't know if this is a KDE related bug. I use a resolution 1280x1024 
on my monitor. All new PCBSD wallpapers are in 1920x1200, that's fine. 
Ok, so I have to scale the wallpaper and it seems to me that it doesn't 
work. I choose any given option and it didn't have desired effect to 
stretch the wallpaper out.

Jan Beranek

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