[PC-BSD Testing] samba module

Matt Olander matt at ixsystems.com
Tue Jan 12 12:20:35 PST 2010

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 11:31 AM, Stephan Assmus <superstippi at gmx.de> wrote:
> The question what is considered a complete system is very interesting for
> the point we are discussing. The FreeBSD team stresses it very much that
> FreeBSD is a complete system. The argument has been brought up again in
> this thread, when someone mentioned that "BSD is architected, not
> composited."
> My point exactly is that PC-BSD, unlike its FreeBSD foundation, is
> composited. And therefor it has the problems that come with that.
> So we all being interested in PC-BSD, we cannot honestly use that argument
> anymore. Why would you not care about the graphical desktop and consider it
> outside the scope of a "complete operating system"? That's exaclty what
> PC-BSD is trying to provide, is it not? (The fact that the new PC-BSD
> offers to install plain FreeBSD doesn't really fit my argument. :-)
> You probably have to view my argumentation in the context that I am trying
> to help create such a "complete" operating system where the argumentation
> of FreeBSD being "designed" rather than "composited" extends to the
> graphical user interface.
> Until very recently, I have not felt the advantage that the Haiku project
> has here as strongly as I do now. But don't mistake any of what I say for
> disrespect for the hard work you guys are doing. In fact, I have great
> respect and admire many of the results.
> I have never before been on any testing mailing list for a distribution
> about to do their next release, so when I saw a couple suggestions to turn
> stuff off that doesn't work, and after having tried a number of projects
> and faced various problems that probably resulted from turning stuff off or
> being otherwise unable to do something about bugs in other project's code,
> it just prompted me to say something. In the Haiku project, we really just
> delay the release when something doesn't work. Although I must admit we
> also turned stuff off at one occasion :-). But that was the Firewire driver
> which had no front-end to be useful anyway.

Hi Stephen! Thanks for your input on the PC-BSD Project as well as
your work on Haiku and these benchmarks. Ah, it must be wonderful to
have integrated the window manager! I envy you guys :)

KDE is a large project with a lot of code and I wish we had the
resources to contribute to it properly. As it is, Kris, James, and
myself are headed down to the KDECamp in San Diego this weekend to
hopefully make some more contacts in the KDE project. The more friends
we make there, the more communication we'll have sharing insights and
fixing bugs.

I am sure that at some point we will have a KDE project developer or 3
on the PC-BSD project as well :D

Right now, I'll settle for a few more KDE devs running PC-BSD as their
primary desktop.


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