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Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Jan 12 07:20:29 PST 2010

On 01/12/2010 09:49, Arthur Koziol wrote:
> One thing you have to understand is that FreeBSD in NOT a distribution
> and you cannot at all compare it to the various and sundry Linux distro.
> It's the closest thing to real Unix and it's related standards. That's
> not to say Linux is not as standards compliant , but, IMHO, it's like
> comparing diesel to unleaded gas. I think historically, and as I
> understand it, the FreeBSD developers have used KDE because it's what
> *they* have chosen and what *they* feel works best for FreeBSD in
> general. They can't be faulted for what the KDE guys are doing and the
> direction they are choosing to take. FreeBSD is much more strict in
> terms of what goes into it while I feel Linux is becoming a hodge-podge
> and your viewpoint may be biased from the what you observe the current
> bleeding-edge distro developers are doing with Linux. The most stable
> Linux distros are usually a few kernel point releases old and use more
> baked components. FreeBSD is as solid as it is because it bakes much
> longer than what components I see going into Linux. It's also the
> Achilles heel in that *some* things come out much later in FreeBSD land
> than they usually do in Linux land. I've tried Gnome and KDE, and I like
> KDE overall. I think with KDE 4.4, all the stuff that people have
> complained about when KDE 3.5.x development ceased will *finally* be up
> to par. Qt 4.6 still hasn't made it to BSD as far as I know but it's got
> huge performance improvements, even compared to those of Qt 4.5.x. Linux
> has a lot more effort going into it than FreeBSD so it gets better
> treatment sooner than FreeBSD but the work that Kris and others have put
> into PC-BSD to get it to where it is today is nothing short of
> spectacular. When Qt 4.6 and KDE 4.4.x make it to FreeBSD (KDE 4.4 is
> contingent on Qt 4.6 being ported), we'll see some good performance
> parity and lots of bugs and annoyances get fixed that have made KDE a
> less than pleasant experience to use. For me, the KDE 4.x series is 90%
> there of where it needs to be. I look forward to KDE 4.4 and some of the
> neat stuff to debut in FreeBSD 8.1 (hello Grand Central Dispatch!). Just
> my 2 cents.
> Arthur

I agree, KDE while not perfect, is really improving rapidly, and making 
great strides in usability and new features. QT 4.6 is being tested now 
in SVN, and KDE 4.4 will be out in a few months as well it sounds like.

However, as to bug fixes. With each release we try to fix as many things 
we can, and with most of the packages coming from linux, the porters 
have their work cut out for them. FreeBSD itself is a great, solid base, 
since its designed by a unified team, and doesn't have to pull in to 
many 3rd party pieces of code to screw things up. However, when rolling 
a desktop like PC-BSD, we have to include FreeBSD + approx 750 other 
packages, most of which are made by linux developers, and in a lot of 
cases their stuff is buggy on linux as well, making our job all the more 

If we get to the point where someday we have 200+ developers, maybe we 
can assign each a variety of ports to work on / fix, but in the 
meantime, we have to do the best possible with the resources we have :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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