[PC-BSD Testing] A little suggestion

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Jan 11 06:35:04 PST 2010

Hello all!
As you all may know, soon will be release of PC-BSD 8.0.
What I'm afraid of - is bugs/upgrades of installer, fixes and upgrades 
will not be seen until 8.1.
I'd like to hear comments in this mail list about such idea:
Add in installer additional step, just before current first.
At this step will be two option:
- Start included DVD/USB Installer
- Setup Network, Download and start latest version Installer

How about this?
This will allow for users to get features which probably will not be in 
release, but appear just after that.
Also, If someone get burned DVD 8.0, he could use it in near future for 
network install of 8.1/8.2. ... for example :)
Waiting for comments.

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