[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digital Cameras

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 10 18:55:46 PST 2010

>>If successful, please type 
>>camera:\ into Konqueror while the camera is attached and
>>indicate whether or not it successfully displays the pics.


>Question to Dru -- Why is it "\" instead of "/" ?

Because I'm slash dyslexic :-)  It should be camera:/

>Additionally an "NO NAME" USB device was listed in "Places" in Dolphin.

>Clicking on it mounted the camera at /media/NO NAME, and 
>I could see the pictures.

This sounds an awful lot like FreeBSD USB is working and KDE's Kamera (which uses the KIO slave camera:/) is not. If this is the case, perhaps Digital Camera should be removed from System Settings....


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