[PC-BSD Testing] pcbsd 7.1.1 not detecting broadcom 57xx and wireless 1397 network cards

Perry, Andrew perrya at shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au
Sun Jan 10 16:02:29 PST 2010

hi all,
i've  have just gotten a dell e5500 laptop and installed 7.1.1 on it. 

on my previous craptop, a hp nx7400, it automatically detected the wired
and wireless adapters, but this one does not

 i managed to find the instructions for making an ndis driver, the
driver for the "wired" ethernet adapter causes the machine to panic and

in any case, if it's not in the pipeline to get this one supported, i'll
swap to another craptop, otherwise, if someone potentially is working on
it, i'll hang out

Andrew Perry
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