[PC-BSD Testing] 8.0-beta x64 testing, few issues

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Jan 6 06:13:13 PST 2010

2010/1/6 rascal <rascal at tiscali.cz>

> Hi all!
> This is my first email ever to mailing list, so hopefully it will work :)
> I installed 8.0-beta x64 on my laptop (thinkpad R61 with nvidia video
> card) and I'd like to report this issues:
> 1. slow boot of the cd. The hardware detection was quick, but loading of
> the modules needed for zfs (zfs.ko, opensolaris and so on...) was very
> slow. But maybe this cannot be improved. It's not that big problem
> anyway, since it happens only from CD.
> 2. Czech translation of the installer is very bad. I mean VERY bad. I
> understand that someone has little time to do that, but the language is
> VERY bad (it's supposed to be funny or what, but it isn't), many things
> are missing.
> I'd like to help, but don't know how, and can't promise I will have time
> (exams coming), but I can do some reviews at least.

Go and register at http://pootle2.pcbsd.org/pootle
Even half-hour of your time would be very useful.
 You can translate from browser, or download resource files to translate
You can contact me on any isseues regarding pootle translation system :)

> 3. Installer appearance: on some screens (eg. the third one) the font is
> too big, so it doesn't fit well in the window. There are many similar
> graphical glitches, It would be nicer if they weren't there. We don't
> need bells and whistles in the installer, but it should look well done.
> 4. I have an nvidia quadro NVS 140M graphic card, the nvidia driver is
> working well. But since pcbsd 7.x (I didn't try earlier versions) I have
> a this problem. Right after the installation, when the comp is first
> rebooted, there is a "graphic card wizard" thing. I choose the driver,
> the test goes well, the driver is set up. Then I guess it tries to load
> kdm and continue to KDE, but this is not working. I keep receiving
> messages like that:
> login:
> X server startup timeout, terminating
> Xserver for display 0: cannot be started, session disabled.
> This goes again and again. When I restart my laptop, it loads kdm
> without problems, nvidia driver is working well. I don't know, if this
> happens when I enter this graphical card wizard later, but after
> installation it happens always.
> 5. I was going to complain about ugly KDM theme, but the new one is very
> nice. The old one didn't work well on my widescreen, the background was
> in 4:3 ratio and on the sides there where some ugly artefacts. Now its
> nice.
> 6. iwn driver could be enabled by default (as wpi and ipw are). Many
> laptops has intel 4965 wifi, so it would be nice. It's probable, that it
> needs also this line
> legal.intel_iwn.license_ack=1
> probably yes, all intel wifi cards needs this licence acknowledgement...
> 7. not sure about this one, but powerd seem not to be running in default
> install.
> I know this are stupid things most of the time, I'm no expert. But it would
> be much nicer and easier, if those things were not there.
> thanks
> Michal
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