[PC-BSD Testing] 8.0-beta x64 testing, few issues

rascal rascal at tiscali.cz
Wed Jan 6 04:12:35 PST 2010

Hi all!
This is my first email ever to mailing list, so hopefully it will work :)

I installed 8.0-beta x64 on my laptop (thinkpad R61 with nvidia video 
card) and I'd like to report this issues:

1. slow boot of the cd. The hardware detection was quick, but loading of 
the modules needed for zfs (zfs.ko, opensolaris and so on...) was very 
slow. But maybe this cannot be improved. It's not that big problem 
anyway, since it happens only from CD.

2. Czech translation of the installer is very bad. I mean VERY bad. I 
understand that someone has little time to do that, but the language is 
VERY bad (it's supposed to be funny or what, but it isn't), many things 
are missing.
I'd like to help, but don't know how, and can't promise I will have time 
(exams coming), but I can do some reviews at least.

3. Installer appearance: on some screens (eg. the third one) the font is 
too big, so it doesn't fit well in the window. There are many similar 
graphical glitches, It would be nicer if they weren't there. We don't 
need bells and whistles in the installer, but it should look well done.

4. I have an nvidia quadro NVS 140M graphic card, the nvidia driver is 
working well. But since pcbsd 7.x (I didn't try earlier versions) I have 
a this problem. Right after the installation, when the comp is first 
rebooted, there is a "graphic card wizard" thing. I choose the driver, 
the test goes well, the driver is set up. Then I guess it tries to load 
kdm and continue to KDE, but this is not working. I keep receiving 
messages like that:
X server startup timeout, terminating
Xserver for display 0: cannot be started, session disabled.

This goes again and again. When I restart my laptop, it loads kdm 
without problems, nvidia driver is working well. I don't know, if this 
happens when I enter this graphical card wizard later, but after 
installation it happens always.

5. I was going to complain about ugly KDM theme, but the new one is very 
nice. The old one didn't work well on my widescreen, the background was 
in 4:3 ratio and on the sides there where some ugly artefacts. Now its nice.

6. iwn driver could be enabled by default (as wpi and ipw are). Many 
laptops has intel 4965 wifi, so it would be nice. It's probable, that it 
needs also this line


probably yes, all intel wifi cards needs this licence acknowledgement...

7. not sure about this one, but powerd seem not to be running in default install.

I know this are stupid things most of the time, I'm no expert. But it would be much nicer and easier, if those things were not there.



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