[PC-BSD Testing] dictionary issues AGAIN

doverosx at gmail.com doverosx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 10:35:21 PST 2010

Kris Moore wrote:
> On 01/04/2010 21:19, doverosx at gmail.com wrote:
>> doverosx at gmail.com wrote:
>>> Okay I definitely can not get the dictionary to work properly in Open
>>> Office. I have a doc file that I'm working on and the dictionary works
>>> perfectly, but in another odt file that I create and work on the darn
>>> thing doesn't do a single thing. Last time I checked asdf isn't a
>>> word...yet the silly dictionary extension decides to ignore it.
>>> Is it any constellation that the "word count" of my document is ZERO
>>> unless I select all of the text in my document? Is this a
>>> locale/encoding issue? If Bob Smith makes a doc file on M$ Word and I
>>> open it, the dictionary works. However, if I create a document,
>>> extension doesn't matter, the dictionary doesn't work at all.
>>> Please enlighten me, this is seriously frustrating and makes for some
>>> embarrassing moments when explaining errors that weren't reported by
>>> my word processor.
>>> Brodey
>> ...turns out my /tmp was filled again and the extension manager was
>> pretending that the install went successfully.
>> I think smb or ftp with dolphin is causing dolphin to make excessive
>> usage of md0 (tmp). I have seen a LARGE amount of MASSIVE temp files
>> created by dolphin after transferring to/fro my FreeNAS machine.
>> Regards,
>> Brodey (sorry for the semi-false testing topic)
> Brodey,
> That sounds like a serious bug in dolphin if so. Can you pinpoint in 
> /tmp which files are getting created and eating up all the space?
Will do Kris. I have quite a lot of time until classes begin firing up 
again, too bad I just went ahead and rm -f'ed those pesky temp files. I 
should be able to get them to be created and left behind with some SMB 
transfers though. I have been logging and keeping track of the use of 
/tmp. I mean, I *could* increase the size of /tmp, but with 4GB on board 
I think it is excessive to be using all of that memory for transferring 
700MB files.

I also see some serious memory usage btw when transferring files, I can 
track this all as well.


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