[PC-BSD Testing] clock settings

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Mon Jan 4 12:51:10 PST 2010

Kris Moore wrote:
> On 01/03/2010 11:13, Arthur wrote:
>>> just installed 8.0 beta on my Dell XPS laptop ( dual-boot W/XP).
>>> I am in USA eastern time. The clock currently shows 03:53:03AM. Nice, but I
>>> want it to show local time (8:53:03AM). right-click on the time, select
>>> Digital clock settings. BANG, it logs me off, and presents me with the login
>>> screen. tried it again, same results..
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>> I can confirm this is happening to me also.
>> Arthur
> I've tested it here on amd64, works just fine. Sounds like some random 
> KDE weirdness. Can you check the log for errors after you get kicked out 
> of your session?
> At the KDM login screen, hit ctrl-alt-f1
> Login
> tail /home/<user>/.xsession-errors
> Anything interesting about why it crashed?
I wonder if setting time zone information in System Settings panel prior 
to using the Applet on the bar may cause the log out issue.

I could've sworn that I complained about this issue after completing an 
upgrade. I am 90% certain it is KDE'ish-ness.


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