[PC-BSD Testing] Few questions, wine64, wine-html, pbi 32/64 and pootle

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Jan 4 09:19:06 PST 2010

On 01/03/2010 13:03, Alexander Yerenkow wrote:
> Hello all.
> 1. Here is information about wine under amd64 freebsd.
> http://wiki.freebsd.org/Wine
> I didn't tested built package, instead of this I made cross-build of system,
> as described there.
> But I didn't use aliases, instead I used wrapper scripts.
> So, I have here installed wine which is works (tested on steam + cs 1.6).
> It consumes about 450mb (if remove /rescue dir) hdd space.
> How about made from this approach full and native PBI for amd64? :)
> I think this would be good for many peoples.

Try this on 64bit PC-BSD, download and install 8.0 32bit version of wine:


It should install and run on your 64bit system just fine :)

> 2. Wine has no html support. It proposes download wine_gecko-1.0.0-x86.cab
> and put it to wine share dir.
> Can we add this to WinePBI?

I don't like adding these types of files manually. Wine already 
downloads it properly, and if they update the .cab file, or change 
something, I don't want to have to keep updating our module after the fact.

> 3. If PBI can be installed x32 and x64 version to system, then maybe let's
> name them correctly?
> Like Amarok-i386 and Amarok-amd64 ?
> I think this would be more correctly, and easier to maintain/check for
> updates/update etc.

I'll keep that in mind for the next updates to the PBI system. After the 
release of 8.0, I have some re-writes to do of some of the PBI stuff, 
and thats a feature that would be a must-have.

> 4. New Pootle is still not working. Any updates on when it'll be up an
> kickin? :)
> We have not much time to translate all newly-introduced things in 8.0.
> And old version of pootle working with struggles, very slow, uploading of
> .po files not working, often I got 500 error.
> Comments?

The new Pootle should be working fine now. I haven't had a chance to 
setup the SVN integration, but the interface seems fine. If you are 
seeing errors, go ahead and send them to Josh and I so we can 
investigate. If I can get the SVN stuff added in the next few days, 
we'll get it cut over to the new Pootle site.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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