[PC-BSD Testing] Problem with default browser

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Jan 4 03:08:58 PST 2010

Go to settings->Default applications->Browser

For example, I want to use Opera/Firefox.
I chose "in the following browser", press button near, and I see a list of
"Known Applications".
There exists opera, firefox.
I chose opera, it says "/Progams/bin/opera", after I chose this it says
"pbi-opera-opera" in path input.

If I chose one of them (ff/opera), and click in any external program at
link, I see notify that opera/firefox launching, BUT!
The link instead of open in browser, downloading into /var/tmp, and browser
opens it, like this:


No images, css, etc. That's NOT what user expects.

How this can be fixed:
instead of choosing opera/ff from known application, click browse, and input
Note that .sbin is hidden, so average user couldn't find this path.

After I set this, all apps opens links corectly in my  browser, opera or
firefox OK.

Kris, please see what can be done to prevent such situation, Why shortcuts
which goes to kmenu not allowed to be used like this? :)

Alexander Yerenkow
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