[PC-BSD Testing] Few questions, wine64, wine-html, pbi 32/64 and pootle

doverosx at gmail.com doverosx at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 10:17:58 PST 2010

Alexander Yerenkow wrote:
> Hello all.
> 1. Here is information about wine under amd64 freebsd.
> http://wiki.freebsd.org/Wine
> I didn't tested built package, instead of this I made cross-build of 
> system, as described there.
> But I didn't use aliases, instead I used wrapper scripts.
> So, I have here installed wine which is works (tested on steam + cs 1.6).
> It consumes about 450mb (if remove /rescue dir) hdd space.
> How about made from this approach full and native PBI for amd64? :)
> I think this would be good for many peoples.
> 2. Wine has no html support. It proposes download 
> wine_gecko-1.0.0-x86.cab and put it to wine share dir.
> Can we add this to WinePBI?
> 3. If PBI can be installed x32 and x64 version to system, then maybe 
> let's name them correctly?
> Like Amarok-i386 and Amarok-amd64 ?
> I think this would be more correctly, and easier to maintain/check for 
> updates/update etc.
> 4. New Pootle is still not working. Any updates on when it'll be up an 
> kickin? :)
> We have not much time to translate all newly-introduced things in 8.0.
> And old version of pootle working with struggles, very slow, uploading 
> of .po files not working, often I got 500 error.
> Comments?
> -- 
> Regards,
> Alexander Yerenkow
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I like #3! I'd also wager to have the startup script check the 
architecture that it is being run on and provide suitable feedback if 
the architecture does not match the PBI build architecture. Right now, 
the script closes and the application never launches.

Oh and ultimately providing a link the appropriate PBI would be 
incredibly easy for new users of PC-BSD and PBIs. Arguably if you go 
that route, a UI to simply d/l the xml list and process PBI availability 
using the UI could be done (just throwing it out there) as well. But 
that's getting greedy for now. PC-BSD 8 is incredibly solid for a BETA 
release and I'm thoroughly impressed.

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