[PC-BSD Testing] Ports Console, continued

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Sun Jan 3 08:12:49 PST 2010

Ian Robinson wrote:
> In a discussion between Ian Robinson & Brodey Dover about accessing the
>  system hard disk and other disks from within ports console,
> Brodey Dover replied:
> >I'm actually confused that you can get the system disk's /home since the
> >script seems to mount a null device for /home! I can see what would need
> >to be done to get what you want but I also see why certain things were
> >done to setup the jail that way.
> >
> >Ian you could edit the /PCBSD/portjail/portjail.sh script yourself and
> >have your drives mounted that way. I can see some opinions on how or
> >whether mounting all/any disk drives (other than boot) would be wanted
> >in the shell. I am of the opinion that it should be done because I can
> >see some usages in the IT world.
> >
> >Brodey
> First, thanks for the suggestion about editing the portjail script.  
> In the meantime, I sought instant gratification and broke the rules 
> when I installed the Kaffeine port using the traditional method in a 
> regular terminal.  The good news is nothing broken that I know of.
> Following up on your excellent suggestion to modify the script, I 
> looked it over.  I saw the /home directory is mounted in the script at 
> this line:
> mount_nullfs /usr/home ${PJDIR}/usr/home
> and, upon closing the port console, is unmounted with this line:
>  umount ${PJDIR}/usr/home
> Accordingly, one would have to insert lines into the shell script to 
> mount and unmount the drive directories at the target mountpoints.
> Another workaround might be working in the regular system to set new 
> mountpoints under the users /home directory and then mount the drives 
> on the new mountpoints.
> I'm guessing that the main reason Kris gave the jail access to the 
> home directory is because one needs access to read and write data from 
> the program that you are running in the ports console as well as 
> read/write access by other programs that are not run through the ports 
> console.  But if one needed to protect the data being accessed from 
> corruption, the owner could set permissions to read access  only or 
> could copy the data into the jail leaving the original otherwise 
> inaccessible.
> Anyway, Brodey, you have come up with an excellent suggestion.
> Ian Robinson
> Salem, Ohio
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I have another suggestion that may actually help you out ;).

Since /home is mounted because you have the necessary read and write 
permissions and so on, you could ln -s to your mounted drives to a 
directory in your /home.


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