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Ok I tested PC-BSD on 3 systems. On the Toshiba P30 there is always the same problem of sound card that does not seem to accepted. Which no sound.

Toshiba P30 intel  
Sound card Realtek ALC259* Toshiba Satellite P30 Audio Driver v. *

Prosessor acpi 3.02gh

graphic card ATi

memory 2 go

hard drive 100go

Monitor externe acer 22po

Problem When installing:

1. If you selected a language other than English, it does not appear. And all the titles menu also displayed. There remains only the buttons.

2. Another
problem encountered during installation, I indicate not to install the
bootloader PC-BSD (I use Grub) but it is still installed.

In a configuration AMD 64  (test liveCD only) 

1.Problem: Internet connection (pppoe) does'nt work.

2. Ext4 partition (are displayed but do not rise) but other partition ntfs - fat32 no problem to mount.

Other test : 

P4 intel pentium 3ghz motherboard asus P4B LX disc ide 20gb video card generic Cougar - DVD Multi

On this desktop no problem of hardware and functionality (sound, wireless keyboard, display and internet connection)

Currently I have not tested the functionality of the system

Well the next version of PC-BSD is very nice look, the install process is really nice step for a beginning...  I love PC-BSD -   Great work and a big thank a dev team


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