[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrade from Alpha to Beta works!

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 16:09:41 PST 2010

Testing PCBSD 8.0-BETA-x64 on HP xw8200, dual Xeon 3.4 / 4 Gb RAM / Nvidia
Quadro 3400 using NVidia x64 driver

1.  Performed "Upgrade" successfully.  There was a little glitch in it's
adoption of xorg.conf.  The upgrade does not require setting the video
settings, and after reboot it could not load xserver.  The solution was to
restart and boot with Option #7 to reinstall the xorg drivers.  All other
pbis, programs, and setting, including ports previously installed via ports
console, were retained without problem.  Bottom line on the upgrade -- it's
functioning great.

2.  Question about ports console -- I need to have access other hard disks
when I am using programs (Kaffeine) installed via ports console.  Although
mounted in the regular GUI, they are not available in the ports console.  In
my first attempt, I set up /etc/fstab in ports console.  That did not work.
 Then I tried to set up mountpoints and mount the disks manually.  For
example, where the target disk is an ide which the system identifies as
ad0s1 and the mount point is /mnt/ide0, the command "mount /dev/ad0s1
/mnt/ide0" results in the error message "mount: /dev/ad0s1 : Operation not
permitted"  Same result if I try to add the slice identifier "a" to the end
(ad0s1a).  What is the secret to mounting disks in ports console?
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