[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 8.0-x86, Screen Corruption, Nvidia Legacy Driver, & ibus

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 07:56:25 PST 2010

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 4:23 PM, Ian Robinson <fitchkendall at gmail.com>
and Kris Moore wrote:

> >Ian,
> >
> >Arthur is saying that removing iBus fixed his screen corruption issues with
> an intel card, not sure whats up with that, but could you try to test that
> on yours?
> >
> >Remove /usr/local/etc/autostart/ibus.desktop
> >and see what happens :P
> >
> Kris,

NOTE:  The correct path is /usr/local/etc/xdg/autostart/ibus.desktop

Ian Robinson replied:

> Yes I will try that.
> I'm testing on PCBSD 8.0-RELEASE with the upgraded nVidia 96.43.16 and
> desktop effects / compositing OFF.  The good news so far is that I have not
> frozen up, but I deliberately rebooted after 1 hr. 20 minutes (which is
> double the previous time it took to corrupt and freeze).  It also recovers
> from 'sleeping' at least twice within that 1hr + 20.
> With 96.43.16 I did have some screen corruption in the background (as when
> you have a smaller window like terminal window as the focus over the top of
> something else like the desktop or maximized Dolphin, or like the enter
> admin password over top of System Settings), I have a current screen shot.
> However,  as soon as the operation was completed in the smaller focused
> window and the focus returned to the larger window, the corruption
> disappeared and the screen returned to normal.
> I'd like to test a little longer -- even overnight  -- before removing ibus,
> unless it corrupts to the point of obliterating the screen or freezes.  As
> one who speaks only one language, and even then of dubious ability, I'll not
> need multilingual input features that ibus provides.
> Ian

======= Ian' Follow-up Report ==========

After approximately 19 hours of testing PCBSD 8.0-x86 with the legacy
nVidia driver 96.43.16 (compositing off, ibus on), I have not had a
freeze.  I've tested heavily with internet and graphics programs and
terminal.  The only corruption to the display consisted of minor
speckles visible along the outside edge of terminal windows, usually
on the right side inside the frame.  Occasionally, the background
terminal window would display a horizontal band, but the band
disappears the moment that window becomes the focus.  A few times, the
title bar would become invisible, but would redraw as soon as the
mouse cursor passed over it.  A screen shot is attached to show both
the horizontal band and the minor speckling.

Several hours ago, I removed ibus as per your suggestion and rebooted.
 It makes no difference as far as I can tell because the speckling in
terminal windows still remains.

It appears to me that the most important things necessary to have
nVidia legacy cards play nice with PCBSD 8.0-RELEASE is to upgrade to
the 96.43.16 driver and to turn off display effects-compositing.

I will report on the 173.xx.xx series of legacy drivers tomorrow.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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