[PC-BSD Testing] xine, phonon, and kaffeine 1.0-svn3

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 10:54:11 PST 2010

Kris Moore said:

>Please be more specific, software manager is working great here.
>KsCD still does not play.
>KsCD has been broken for years, its a bug in the xine backend for phonon on

That reminds me to tell you that /usr/ports/multimedia/kaffeine-devel/
(i.e., Kaffeine 1.0-svn3, dated 1/31/2010) is available and working very
well under PCBSD 8.0 and KDE 4.3.x.  Back in the old days (before FreeBSD 8
and KDE 4.x.x) kaffeine was a regular in the PBI stable of programs and had
much better features than either Dragon or KMPlayer.

The interesting news about Kaffeine is that it is not only upgraded for use
with 4.3.x and is under steady development, but that it directly uses
xine-lib again instead of *Phonon*, giving Kaffeine better control over

Additionally, it does not seem to need an independent installation of codecs
to support video playback.  Another nice thing is that it can be installed
from ports into the base PCBSD 8.0 system without using ports console, and
it has not broken anything.


Maybe Kaffeine could be considered as a replacement for PCBSD's defaults
when 8.1 comes, and at least be created as a PBI since compiling it from
ports takes a while on a fast computer.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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