[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 8 Release: Oh noes, for me it no goes

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Feb 22 09:35:24 PST 2010

On 02/22/2010 12:20, finid at linuxbsdos.com wrote:
>> Kris,
>> Ok, ok so I know it hasn't been OFFICIALLY released but that didn't stop
>> me from grabbing it (32-bit) from one of the mirrors over the weekend to
>> be able to install on my work abuse PC this morning. Here are a couple
>> things that I have already experienced on not one, not two, but three
>> fresh re-installs:
>> 1. I have it set to autologin but after a few seconds of sitting on the
>> desktop, it suddenly logs off and sits at the prompt for username and
>> password. If I log in, it will load the desktop and then nothing works
>> but the mouse. Clock on things and hovering over stuff does nothing. I
>> have to hit the power button to shut down. On subsequent tries I notice
>> that the iBus icon in the tray is not visible. There's a blank space in
>> it's place as if it is loaded but the icon is not displaying.
>> 2. On subsequent boots, if I do make it to the desktop and it does not
>> log off, nothing is clickable on the desktop. It seems frozen. Can't
>> drop down to command line either.
>> I'm going to let it sit for a while and see if something times out or
>> pops up. Kris, anything you want me to try?
> I have 8 running on an Intel 64 PC. Never used auto-login, so I'm not
> experiencing the issue that you have. I'm very surprised that 8 was
> "released" when all the major issues have not been retested. The main
> issue with Software Manager is unresolved.

? Please be more specific, software manager is working great here.

KsCD still does not play.

KsCD has been broken for years, its a bug in the xine backend for phonon 
on BSD:


> is still broken. Should we have another RC before the final, official
> release?

The NTP issue is a bug with the KDE GUI, ntpd from the command-line is 
working properly here. We'll probably not get that fixed until KDE 4.4.x

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> Fini Decima


Kris Moore
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