[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 8 Release: Oh noes, for me it no goes

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Mon Feb 22 08:12:19 PST 2010

On 02/22/2010 9:42 AM, Kris Moore wrote:
> On 02/22/2010 10:34, Arthur Koziol wrote:
>> Kris,
>> Ok, ok so I know it hasn't been OFFICIALLY released but that didn't stop
>> me from grabbing it (32-bit) from one of the mirrors over the weekend to
>> be able to install on my work abuse PC this morning. Here are a couple
>> things that I have already experienced on not one, not two, but three
>> fresh re-installs:
>> 1. I have it set to autologin but after a few seconds of sitting on the
>> desktop, it suddenly logs off and sits at the prompt for username and
>> password. If I log in, it will load the desktop and then nothing works
>> but the mouse. Clock on things and hovering over stuff does nothing. I
>> have to hit the power button to shut down. On subsequent tries I notice
>> that the iBus icon in the tray is not visible. There's a blank space in
>> it's place as if it is loaded but the icon is not displaying.
>> 2. On subsequent boots, if I do make it to the desktop and it does not
>> log off, nothing is clickable on the desktop. It seems frozen. Can't
>> drop down to command line either.
>> I'm going to let it sit for a while and see if something times out or
>> pops up. Kris, anything you want me to try?
>> Arthur
> Odd, did you get a good install each time? No crashing / reboots? If you
> login to virtual console 1, Ctl-Alt-F1, and look at your
> /home/arthur/.xsession-errors file after a login attempt, what errors do
> you see?
> Any non-standard install options? Using ZFS? How about video driver?
> You know the routine, more details the better :)


Yup, on all three installs I had no issues, crashing, or reboots, worked 
as has always. No non-standard options chosen, no ZFS. I normally 
install all the available PBIs except Source but this time I did not 
install Pidgen, Opera, Thunderbird, and I think one other that escapes 
me. I will try another install later with everything except Source. 
Video driver is Intel 3D enabled, same settings as was for RC2.

I powered down and rebooted about 15 more times since my e-mail and 
*one* time I was able to click on Kicker and other stuff on the desktop 
but when I did CTRL-ALT-F1, the screen corrupted with vertical lines and 
everything locked up. I just hard powered off and restarted and now the 
desktop is not clickable and I can see that iBus is not loaded. All that 
is loaded is mixer, system updater, and the icon between mixes and 
system updater (sorry, can't hover the mouse to get the name, duh). 
Here's another thing that's odd. From the time I was able to click on 
things and do stuff, I opened System Settings and minimized it to the 
task bar. It was shortly after that when I tried CTRL-ALT-F1 and it to 
ok a crap on me. Now when it boot to the desktop, I see System Settings 
in the task bar as if it is remembering the session that did work for 
me. I will keep trying to get at that .xsession-erros file one way or 

Ok a few more experiments for me while booting and from what I can tell, 
the instant that iBus loads is when things get borked. I am able to 
click on Kicker and get at the programs but as soon as iBus tries to 
load, things stop. I'll keep at it and try a few other things.


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