[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 8.0-RC2 x64 usbdisk installation

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Feb 18 09:29:25 PST 2010

On 02/18/2010 10:00, rascal wrote:
> Hi!
> I bought yesterday a 8GB stick to try the usbdrive installation. The
> first thing I've noticed is, that USB image is aprox 400MB larger than
> dvd-iso? why???

We have to hard-set the USB size before copying data into it, right now 
its set to be 3.8GB in order to fix on a 4GB stick. The amd64 version 
uses 3.6GB of it, while the 32bit uses closer to 3.4 or so. The rest is 
filled with empty space :P

> Anyway, tried making the bootable usb (under winxp) using Unetbootin,
> didn't work.
> then I found this utility
> https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/+download
> and worked nice, so maybe someone could add this to the wiki page (just
> a note, the usb drive with the image is not readable under windows, you
> could mention that too, so people are not scared...)

Cool! I usually do it with "dd" here on BSD, never tried writing it via 
windows client. Would you like to add that to the wiki?


I would do it, but without any first hand-experience it would be 
guesswork :P I did update the wiki a bit to warn about the file-system 
not being readable on windows though :)

> The installation seem to be faster from flash drive, and also quiet (no
> nasty dvd swapping). Big plus
> I did the install in czech language, looks nice. Also the installer now
> looks nice, there are no graphical glitches except those two:
> On the "choose distribution" (sorry, can't remember now) screen the
> icons seem to be little "cut off", but not a big deal.
> What looks nasty is the windows which shows the installation progress.
> Because of the very long pathways do differnt files, some of them are
> longer than the "box" in which the files are listed. This makes the box
> to be resized to fit it to the long lines. As a result averything in the
> box is unreadable, because it's jumping like hell all the time. This
> could be solved somehow better (adding and empty line and wrapping the
> excessive text to the second line..., or truncating the excessive
> text... I don't think that everage user has to know every file that is
> copied)

I'll check into this. Its a cosmetic issue right now, but the hard-part 
is figuring out the right length to truncate. It seems to vary depending 
upon the video card / monitor dpi :P

> I chose nvidia drivers and seem to work nice. Didn't test the system
> much, but internet worked, wlan (iwn driver) is loaded too.
> KDE 3D effects worked too.
> I'll add more later.
> michal
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