[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 8.0-RC2 x64 usbdisk installation

rascal rascal at tiscali.cz
Thu Feb 18 07:00:25 PST 2010

I bought yesterday a 8GB stick to try the usbdrive installation. The 
first thing I've noticed is, that USB image is aprox 400MB larger than 
dvd-iso? why???

Anyway, tried making the bootable usb (under winxp) using Unetbootin, 
didn't work.
then I found this utility
and worked nice, so maybe someone could add this to the wiki page (just 
a note, the usb drive with the image is not readable under windows, you 
could mention that too, so people are not scared...)

The installation seem to be faster from flash drive, and also quiet (no 
nasty dvd swapping). Big plus
I did the install in czech language, looks nice. Also the installer now 
looks nice, there are no graphical glitches except those two:
On the "choose distribution" (sorry, can't remember now) screen the 
icons seem to be little "cut off", but not a big deal.
What looks nasty is the windows which shows the installation progress. 
Because of the very long pathways do differnt files, some of them are 
longer than the "box" in which the files are listed. This makes the box 
to be resized to fit it to the long lines. As a result averything in the 
box is unreadable, because it's jumping like hell all the time. This 
could be solved somehow better (adding and empty line and wrapping the 
excessive text to the second line..., or truncating the excessive 
text... I don't think that everage user has to know every file that is 

I chose nvidia drivers and seem to work nice. Didn't test the system 
much, but internet worked, wlan (iwn driver) is loaded too.
KDE 3D effects worked too.

I'll add more later.


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