[PC-BSD Testing] Software Install Issues

finid at linuxbsdos.com finid at linuxbsdos.com
Tue Feb 16 10:26:30 PST 2010

> On 02/13/2010 16:48, Neal wrote:
>> The software installer seems broken.  If I run updates on current
>> installed software in either reports the file corrupted or fails to
>> install the update at all and goes back to reporting "Update Available".
>> New software installs download then suddenly disappear and never
>> install.  This is a fresh install.
>> I am using an AMD 64X2 5200 processor, ASUS motherboard, 4 gigs of RAM
>> and a 500GB hard drive.  Homebuilt system.
>> I will say that I am loving PC-BSD very much.  Looking forward to the
>> final release of version 8.  Been using Ubuntu Linux (for driver
>> support, ain't no newb) for a couple years now.
> I was able to duplicate this issue here, and its been fixed in SVN now.
> If you would be willing to confirm it fixes your problem, follow these
> steps:
> # svn co svn://svn.pcbsd.org/pcbsd/trunk/SoftwareManager
> # cd SoftwareManager
> # qmake-qt4 *.pro
> # make install (as root)
> Now run the software manager, does it work properly?

I've had the same issue too, but it does not happen with all installs. In
any case, followed all the steps and to test it, I installed Skype. No
problem with the installation. However, a issue that I reported in 
previous email has not been addressed. And the issue is this and I'll use
the Skype I just installed as an example. Right after I installed Skype, I
went back to the Software Browser and selected Skype for installation
again. The system went right ahead and started downloading Skype for

Is anybody else experiencing this?

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