[PC-BSD Testing] python plasmascript seems missing.

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Feb 16 09:36:49 PST 2010

On 02/12/2010 16:47, Grégoire Welraeds wrote:
> Hi Kriss,
> Since I did not get your feedback on this issue. I just wanted to know what
> you think about it. Sorry to bother you with this.
> Regards,
> Grégoire.
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 9:57 PM,<gregoire.welraeds at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hi Kriss,
>> Thank you for answering my email. I went to the #kde-freebsd channel to
>> discuss this issue. I had an interesting discussion with one of the kde
>> developper (involved in the Ark development). And here is what he told me
>> (hope he don't mind me quoting him):
>> [quote]
>> there are two things involved here:
>> 1) python support for plasma in kdebase needs kdebindings for pykde4; IIRC
>> there was some sort of circular dependency in which kdebindings required
>> kdelibs and kdebase (I'm not sure if this is still the case), so you might
>> need to end up building kdebase twice
>> 2) python support for kdebase is explicitly disabled in
>> kdebase4-workspace's
>> Makefile (no idea why)
>> [/quote]
>> So to fix this issue, one need to edit the x11/kdebase4-workspace port's
>> makefile and remove the line saying -DWITH_PyKDE4:BOOL=OFF from CMAKE_ARGS.
>> I tried to do that myself as I have the FreeBSD port installed, but it
>> failed:
>> [quote]
>> CMake Error at
>> /usr/local/kde4/share/apps/cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake:1192
>> (message):
>>   ERROR: the installed kdelibs version 4.3.4 is too old, at least version
>>   4.3.5 is required
>> [/quote]
>> Since I'm using the PCBSD box on daily basis for my work, I don't want to
>> go
>> and rebuild everything, particularly if 4.3.5 is shipped with PCBSD 8.0
>> Release.
>> My question is do you think we might expect to have the issue fixed along
>> with
>> this release?
>> Best regards,
>> Gregoire.

I did get this, and am looking forward to experimenting with it. However 
this close to 8.0 I can't start hacking up the port too much without 
causing some issues :)

Right after the release of 8.0, we'll begin work on 8.1 / 8.0-Stable, 
and when we import KDE 4.4.0, I plan on working on getting these enabled 
properly, and fixing up the port to enable them by default.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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