[PC-BSD Testing] 8.0-RC2: 0H 5H17 error encountered

Arthur A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Fri Feb 12 15:34:30 PST 2010


Back to the land of the living. TestDisk saved my arse and I got 
99.99% of everything back. I am going to grab a disk from work and 
try and replicate what happened on my system. I am guessing it is 
just an anomaly.


>Possible bad mojo going on with 8.0RC2.Here's the back story:
>On my home PC, I normally test installs on a spare Samsung 160GB SATA
>drive I have and always hook it up to the primary SATA channel. I've
>always left my 2nd SATA drive connected to my secondary channel
>(logical partition, NTFS, D: drive). When I installed 8.0 RC2, it saw
>my Samsung drive on the primary SATA channel so I told it to use the
>entire disk, as I usually do, and I did a fresh install. Everything
>went without a hitch, booted fine, ran some apps, tested a few video
>options, etc.
>When I unplugged my Samsung test disk and reconnected my production
>Seagate drive and booted to XP, suddenly I noticed my D: drive was
>not showing up. XP's Disk Management is showing healthy but it
>doesn't have a file system any more and 150 of 160GB is free on it.
>10GB seems to have been lost. Or not. Using some forensic tools
>(Parted Magic 4.8, System Commander 8.20, and TestDisk 6.11.3) shows
>there is a damaged 10GB BSD partition there at the beginning of the
>disk. Testdisk ran a deep scan and saw the NTFS partition and was
>about to restore it from a backup copy of the MFT or MBR (1st time
>using it to attempt a restore and I didn't do it right so I am
>running it again right now. Not very intuitive DOS32 app.).
>The earliest 8.0 alpha's through 8.0 RC1 didn't hork any of my
>logical drives. Same for 7.x. Just a heads up.
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