[PC-BSD Testing] 8.0-RC2: 0H 5H17 error encountered

Arthur A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Fri Feb 12 12:49:19 PST 2010


Possible bad mojo going on with 8.0RC2.Here's the back story:

On my home PC, I normally test installs on a spare Samsung 160GB SATA 
drive I have and always hook it up to the primary SATA channel. I've 
always left my 2nd SATA drive connected to my secondary channel 
(logical partition, NTFS, D: drive). When I installed 8.0 RC2, it saw 
my Samsung drive on the primary SATA channel so I told it to use the 
entire disk, as I usually do, and I did a fresh install. Everything 
went without a hitch, booted fine, ran some apps, tested a few video 
options, etc.

When I unplugged my Samsung test disk and reconnected my production 
Seagate drive and booted to XP, suddenly I noticed my D: drive was 
not showing up. XP's Disk Management is showing healthy but it 
doesn't have a file system any more and 150 of 160GB is free on it. 
10GB seems to have been lost. Or not. Using some forensic tools 
(Parted Magic 4.8, System Commander 8.20, and TestDisk 6.11.3) shows 
there is a damaged 10GB BSD partition there at the beginning of the 
disk. Testdisk ran a deep scan and saw the NTFS partition and was 
about to restore it from a backup copy of the MFT or MBR (1st time 
using it to attempt a restore and I didn't do it right so I am 
running it again right now. Not very intuitive DOS32 app.).

The earliest 8.0 alpha's through 8.0 RC1 didn't hork any of my 
logical drives. Same for 7.x. Just a heads up.


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