[PC-BSD Testing] Wine vs. VirtualBox

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Feb 8 07:57:25 PST 2010

On 02/06/2010 16:25, Arthur wrote:
>> I vote with Brody Dover for VirtualBox because it offers more than Wine does.
>> I could never get Wine to run WordPerfect or Adobe Acrobat (not
>> Reader) and certain OCR programs.  Now that VirtualBox was ported to
>> FreeBSD and PCBSD gave us a PBI for it, I have no further need for
>> Wine.  VirtualBox is our friend.
>> However, Wine would work for those who do not have a Windows license
>> (and who could find fault with that!), so it is needed.
>> VirtualBox runs Windows faster than Windows.  VirtualBox is our friend.
>> VirtualBox lets you run other operating systems too (FreeBSD, PCBSD,
>> and Linux) so it's good for testing.  VirtualBox is our friend.
>> VirtualBox is under rapid development.  VirtualBox is our friend.
>> I'm hoping VirtualBox adds USB support to the OSE Edition soon.
>> Ian Robinson
>> Salem, Ohio
> Ian,
> You have to remember that soon Oracle will be buying Sun and they
> might not keep VB going or do something dumb like charge for it. Case
> in point: Crystal Ball. Used to be owned by a small company called
> Decisioneering and they used to offer a great concurrent license
> product for my University. Oracle bought Crystal Ball, killed the
> concurrent license deal and now charge per-seat. It was kind of a
> dick move on Oracle's part and it put the screws to the faculty /
> students who used it. I would not put it past Oracle to pull some
> similarly stupid move with VB if only to make money off it. JMTC:
> compared to how long VMWare's been around and how long VB has been
> around, VMWare feels the heat on their ass from a VERY well rounded
> product like VB. We'll see what happens. I agree that WINE has it's
> place but when you have VB, why putz around with WINE when you can
> fire up a licensed OS VM and run your app as it was meant to run?
> Arthur

Both of them have their place :) I just VB for testing ISO's, and 
running full VM's, however if I want to play Left4Dead or some 3D game, 
usually Wine is the way to go.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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