[PC-BSD Testing] Boot Only Install Problems

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Feb 2 08:05:41 PST 2010

On 01/29/2010 16:30, Ian Robinson wrote:
> Installing from PCBSD 8.0-RC-x64 "Boot Only" CD Image failed.
> ==================
> TRY #1 Installling from "Boot Only" CD Image
> ==================
> Upgrade -- Via Internet -- AUTO-DHCP
> Defect #1 -- You cannot select "Internet"

Fixed in SVN

> Defect #2 -- You can click inside and blacken the select-circle as if to
> indicate that a selection has been made.  It has not.  You must also click
> the label "Install from Specificed Server" to make it work.

Fixed in SVN

> Defect #3 -- User Error through typing a leading "/" in the "Select
> Directory" box
> The target was ftp://mirrors.isc.org/pub/pcbsd/8.0-RC/amd64/
> Selected FTP
> Selected URL:    mirrors.isc.org
> Selected Directory:     /pub/pcbsd/8.0-RC/amd64
> Continued with the install configuration, and then noticed the double slash
> ("//") in the middle of the reported path (i.e.,
> ftp://mirrors.isc.org//pub/pcbsd/8.0-RC/amd64/ ),

Good catch, fixed in SVN.

> Defect #4 Going Back Problems. -- I tried to go back.  While the installer
> does let you go back a couple of steps, but it did not let me reset the
> directory path.  That could have been, as I discovered later, that it is
> sometimes the case that the  selection window hides behind the main
> installer window.

I think in this case it was "hiding" behind the main window, I've added 
an extra call in QT which should force it to the top :P

> I could go forward again.  However, when you go forward again, the installer
> routine no longer reports the ftp path.
> Well, after going forward, the outcome was not pretty because:
> * The installer "cleans up" (i.e. removes the old installation)
> * The installer begins the installation
> * The installer cannot find the install source directories (over ftp)
> * The installer immediately reports "The installer encountered an error and
> has been halted."
> * The data in /home/<User_Name>  only appeared to be intact, since you could
> open an Xterm window, mount the /home directory at /mnt/home and list the
> files.
> * A reboot to the "original" installation fails as no kernel will load (no
> surprise).
> * But I could start PCBSD in the console mode, mount /home/<user_name>  and
> see all my data files.
> Defect # 5  -- The steps to send an installation error report to my email
> failed to deliver it to my email, altlhough it reported that it had sent it.

I've reworked that script, we can't reliably e-mail since we don't know 
about users net connection, smtp settings, etc.

> ==================
> Try #2 -- Attempted to do an Upgrade Install from "Boot Only" CD after the
> previous failure.
> ==================
> I correctly named the directory by omitting the leading "/"
> Began the upgrade but it failed, probably because it does not see a system
> to upgrade.

When it fails, can you click "details" on the error dialog and send me 
the last few lines?

> ==================
> Try #3 -- Fresh Install from "Boot Only" CD
> ==================
> Started the install routine OK, reached the point where it began to download
> from mirrors.isc.org website, and then failed.  Likewise, the attempt to
> send an email message failed as before.
> ==================
> Instructions Needed for Network Install Using "Boot Only" CD
> ==================
> The PCBSD Guide does not have instructions for using the Boot Only CD.
> There is good picture-based installation advice for "Boot Only" at
> http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Unix/BSD/FreeBSD/Q_24389832.htm   (Note
> -- you have to scroll almost all the way down past the advertising crap to
> see the pictures)  The pictures are from a previous installer (PCBSD 7.x),
> but clearly illustrate the steps.  Something like this would be a great
> addition to the PCBSD User Guide
> Ian Robinson

We'll need to get the wiki updated to show this soon :) Hopefully I've 
been able to fix your actual installation bugs now though!


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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