[PC-BSD Testing] Settings not saved for PCBSD 9

jmdennis @dslextreme.com jmdennis at dslextreme.com
Mon Dec 27 07:31:11 PST 2010

When I go to control panel and system configuration and then system packages
and uncheck some thing that I no longer want it seems to uninstall but it
does not do any thing.  You go back and nothing is changed at all.  Also if
you change the mirrors it does not save this either.  It just goes back to
the setting it was before.

I also noticed that firefox installed from the PBI does not keep the
settings either.  I like it to clear the history and also clear the cookies
when it closes but it does not keep this setting.  It also opens up 2 tabs
and one of them is my homepage that it set and the other one is the page
that opens up when you update firefox that lets you know you have the latest
and greatest.  This is not a big deal but just some thing that I would love
to see fixed.
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