[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 8-Stable does not wake up from hibernation (continued)

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 18:50:21 PST 2010

1st Message in Series:

Testing PCBSD 8-STABLE (8.2 Pre-release) on Acer TravelMate 4001, Intel
Centrino P4, 2 Gb RAM, Intel 82855BG video but using vesa driver.

Computer went into hibernate mode and would not wake up.  Required hard

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
2nd Message in Series:


I'm sure it's just a bug but do you know what standby state you've got
set in the BIOS? S1? S3? S4? And is the BIOS up to date? Try a different
standby state setting if possible.

3rd Message in Series:

The BIOS is the "newest" and, such as it is at its age, it is up to date

And . . . this Intel BIOS does not have options for standby state settings,
but thanks for the suggestion.

4th Message in Series:

A lot of the resume stuff is really shaky in FreeBSD right now. If you want
to try and debug it a bit
more I would recommend heading over to the FreeBSD ACPI mailing list, might
get some dev feedback there.


Kris Moore
5th Message in Series:


I went to the acpi link you referenced, and it had many, many messages about
most manufacturer's portables/laptops not coming out of suspend.  Some of
the developers seem actively pursuing a fix in the 8.1/8.2/9.0 branches.

I also reviewed the acpi-debug page in the FreeBSD Handbook for some hints.
There, I found a discussion about the s1, s2, s3, etc. states mentioned by
Arthur.  I may be able to do some data gathering after a small learning
curve and maybe a serial console setup.  However, the smart guys are likely
to figure this out.

As I have paid more attention to my situation, what I am beginning to notice
is some OS & hardware activity after attempting resume leading me to think
that the problem is display related.  Specifically, the power button
(On/Off) is unlit in suspend.  Pressing the button lights it up.  That's
normal and obvious.  I am also hearing the hard disk spool up and drive
access lights flicker.  I am seeing the wireless antenna light flash too.
However there is nothing on the screen.  Furthermore, taking into
consideration that Intel video driver (intel) for this chip is not a viable
xorg choice at the moment (the pcbsd forum and freebsd boards have many
posts about Intel video problems under 8.1/8.2) forcing me to use vesa, it
is a reasonable conclusion that my ACPI suspend/resume problem could be
related to my video problems.  (God bless all manufacturers that use nVidia
graphics chips in their products).

I have a working Intel wireless chip BG2200 (iwi) but it only works on
"open" networks.  I cannot configure it to attach to WEP/WPA protected
networks which I will make the subject of a separate post after I re-read
the FreeBSD Handbook pages and the PCBSD wiki.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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