[PC-BSD Testing] Volume icon in taskbar broken in PCBSD 8.1 i386

Sam Lin semin2006 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 22:34:36 PST 2010

Dear PCBSD fellows,

Recently the volume icon in my taskbar appears broken (or missing) for
no reason. As you can see in the attached snapshot, it just shows a
question mark but it in fact is still functioning. I recall that this
also happened some time early this year, though I cannot remember I
fixed it by whether just restart or reinstall the system that time.
This time the broken volume icon is still there even after restarting
the system. The audio is still working; the volume control bar still
pops up if click on the question mark and the volume is also
controllable. So far it seems it's only the icon that is not right.
Why is this, and how to fix this?

My system is PCBSD 8.1 (i386). Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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