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> Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] 8-STABLE Snapshot Available
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> The first snapshot of 8-STABLE, which will eventually become 8.2 has now
> been uploaded
> to our FTP server.
> This snapshot is based upon FreeBSD 8.2-PRERELEASE, and includes KDE 4.5.3.
> It also
> contains a number of bugfixes backported from the 9 series, specifically to
> the installer
> and network management GUI.
> Known Issues
> ------------------------------------------------
> Using the "GPT" option during installation will give an error at boot,
> which I'm
> currently working on fixing.
> Download URL
> ------------------------------------------------
> ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/snapshots/8-STABLE-20101206/
> Please feel free to give it a whirl, and report bugs back to the -testing
> list.
> Thanks!
> --
> Kris Moore
> PC-BSD Software
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Testing PCBSD8-STABLE-20101206-x86-DVD on an older Acer Travelmate 4001
portable (Intel Centrino M @ 1.5 GHz, 2 Gb RAM)

This is generally a snappier faster running system when compared with the
previously installed PCBSD 8.0.  The Installation Manager is easier.

1.  Installer "Upgrade" failed.

I attempted an "upgrade" but it hung just after "removing packages" and had
to be powered off.  I then did a "fresh install" which completed
successfully except for the video installer issue reported in the next

2.  Video Installation Failures:

PCBSD 8.2 pre-release detected my Intel 82855 on-board video chip (AGP) as
ATI 3D Enable.  Choosing the correct driver (intel) freezes the system --
black screen, total freeze, no ability to alt-F2, ctrl+alt+Fx, ctrl+alt+del,
ctrl+alt+bksp, requiring power off and restart.  This also occurred with the
intel chip in PCBSD 8.1 but not in PCBSD 8.0.

I could not select vesa from the video installer pick list without hanging
the system either, but if I chose "Skip" then I ended up with a working
/etc/X11/xorg.conf that has the appropriate lines for the vesa driver and
max screen resolution (1024x768)

Research indicates the following:

a.  FreeBSD Handbook states @ Section (Configuration with Intel®
i810 Graphics Chipsets)

"Configuration with Intel® i810 integrated chipsets requires the agpgart AGP
programming interface for X11 to drive the card. See the agp(4) driver
manual page for more information. This will allow configuration of the
hardware as any other graphics board. Note on systems without the agp(4)
driver compiled in the kernel, trying to load the module with kldload(8)
will not work. This driver has to be in the kernel at boot time through
being compiled in or using /boot/loader.conf."

However, imo, that is not likely the problem because agp has been around a
long time now.

b.  Relevent discussion on the FreeBSD board may be found at
http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=15686 and some of the discussion
here may have some relevance:

3.  No PBI's

Because the "/extras/PBI" directory has no files, there was no ability to
select any PBI's for installation.

4.  No Network Manager/ No iwi Wireless

I could not find a network manager to control my wireless Intel 2200 (iwi)
card.  There was a Network Manager in the control panel, but there was no
choice for a "System Network Configuration" tool to configure the
interfaces.  Most relevant entries were found in loader.conf and rc.conf,
but did not include anything for DHCP.  The boot probe detects the
interfaces,  and I can see their configuration with ifconfig.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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