[PC-BSD Testing] Testing out PCBSD 9 Snapshot

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Tue Dec 7 09:46:33 PST 2010

On Tue, Dec 07, 2010 at 10:20:10AM -0600, Arthur Koziol wrote:
> Kris,
> Ok here's some stuff I'm seeing on the 9-Current Snapshot
> 1. During Sysinstall, I hovered the mouse cursor over "Partition with 
> GPT for full disk install" and found a small typo
> Is... "Enable this option if you *with* to use..."
> Should be... "Enable this option if you *wish* to use..."


> 2. During Sysinstall, I hovered the mouse cursor over "Partition with 
> GPT for full disk install" and on my screen, the message "*Enable this 
> option...*" gets cut off at "*Warning: may not work with olde*" so if 
> possible, that long sentence needs a line-break to show the full 
> message. Perhaps after "*...scheme for dedicated disks.*"


> 3. I know how many things in Unix-land likes to be lowercase but on the 
> System Package Configuration screen, is it possible to capitalize in the 
> following manner:
> base-devel > Base-Devel
> base-i18n > Base-i18n
> gnome2 > Gnome2
> kde4 > KDE4
> lxde > LXDE
> misc > Misc
> unsupported-desktops > Unsupported-Desktops
> xfce4 > XFCE4
> It really be just for aesthetics.

That was annoying me as well, fixed!

> 4. Installer's progress bar gets to 100% but many packages are still 
> being installed.

This is something on my TODO list still. I need to re-work how packages are displayed, so
you get two progressbars, one for the overall progress, and one for the individual component
being worked on. Will be fixed in the near future :)

> 5. Detected my Intel Q45 Express as ATI 3D Enable. Chose Intel 3D Enable 
> and it worked fine.

Known issue, one of the included xorg drivers is causing the driver auto-detect to coredump,
I'll take a look at it once we get further along, assuming the xorg driver isn't fixed.

> 6. At the login prompt, it would be nice to have the login field ready 
> and waiting instead of having to click on the profile (in my case, a 
> single profile setup).

I'll look into this, not sure how GDM handles this, if it lets you pre-select a profile. 

> 7. Chose the default Window Manager (KDE) but got Gnome. Can't choose 
> KDE or other managers in Applications > Settings > System Settings > 
> Default Applications > WIndow Manager.

After you select your username / profile at the login manager, a few boxes appear on the bar below,
which lets you change from Gnome -> KDE4 or whatever other desktop. Also, I've already fixed it so
that Gnome doesn't show up unless you really selected the meta-pkg for it. 

> 8. Gnome's "Show Desktop" icon (bottom left corner) is borked and kicks 
> out an error message about not being supported.

If you didn't select Gnome as a meta-pkg, then it resulted in it not being fully installed, and
may be the cause of this problem. Should be fixed in next shapshot. 

> 9. Not getting a mouse cursor, only a spinning circle (busy) cursor.

Thats on the login GDM screen right? Fixed!

> 10. Seeing a weird ghosting effect / corruption in the following areas:
>      a. Applications > Settings > System Settings > Login Screen
>      b. "" "" > System Notifications Config (only on Manage Notifications)
>      c. "" "" > Desktop Effects
>      d. "" "" > Window Behavior (on Task Switcher, Virtual Desktops, and 
> Window Behavior)
>      e. "" "" > Configure Network (in Network Settings)
>      f. "" "" > Sharing (on Samba)
>      g. "" "" > Multimedia (on Audio CDs)
> Thought it might have been Intel 3d Enable but does the same on plain 
> Intel driver.
> 11. My keyboard doesn't seem to work. Can't type. Definitely detected as 
> Numlock is illuminated.

This is all in Gnome, or are you switched to KDE4 now?

> That's it for now.
> Arthur

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