[PC-BSD Testing] New 9-CURRENT Snapshot

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Dec 6 13:07:59 PST 2010

A new snapshot of 9-CURRENT has just been released, and is now available
for download from our FTP server:



Major Changes:

 * Fixed bug relating to booting without using the "Stamp MBR" option
 * Added additional window-managers to "unsupported" category
 * Added ability to enable / disable the lagg network device
 * Switched to the "GDM" desktop login manager
 * Added ability to add/remove/create repositories of PBIs via pbi_* commands
 * Added new pbid daemon, which tracks repository indexes / manages file merging
    in the background automatically. 
 * Numerous other bugfixes across the board. 

For a list of major differences between 8.x and 9, take a look at our previous



As usual, please report bugs found back to the mailing list so we
can work on fixing them. The more details the better. 

Also a new snapshot for 8-STABLE is in the works, which will become 
version 8.2 early next year. We'll be posting back to the list once
that is online.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD / iXsystems

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