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> On Tuesday 24 August 2010 08:53:27 Kris Moore wrote:
> > > I've increased my liveCD fu a bit since we last worked on PC-BSD.  We
> > > should probably touch base a bit to see if any of the new things I've
> > > learned would be useful for PC-BSD.
> >
> > Sounds good to me! BTW, are you going to be going out to Ohio Linux
> > Fest, heard a rumor you may be there. If so we can discuss in person if
> > you like.
> I will be.  I'm getting in Friday morning and leaving Sunday late
> afternoon.
> --
> Thanks,
> Josh Paetzel

Welcome to Ohio Dru and Josh:

Because the LinuxFest Ohio event is held on September 10-12, 2010 in
downtown Columbus, Ohio, potential attendees should known that The Ohio
State University will be hosting the University of Miami (Florida) on
Saturday Sept. 11.  That fact alone means that hotel rooms will disappear in
Columbus if they have not already.  So . . . attendees had better reserve a
hotel room early unless you want to go without a room.

Advice on Hotels:

While there are hundreds of hotels in Columbus, you will want to be next to
the convention center.  There are only a half-dozen hotels at that location:

The Hyatt Regency Hotel is connected by hallways to the convention center.
The Hyatt is the "oldest" hotel of those in the area (built circa 1970?),
but it is still nice.  It is in the shape of a glass trapezoid.  My favorite
rooms to stay in are at the acute angled "ends" of the building.

Directly across the street to the south are the Crowne Plaza, Red Roof Inn,
and Drury Inn & Suites,

Directly across the street to the west are the Hampton Inn & Suites.

Information on Columbus Convention Center:

Do not expect to find anything "conventional" at all.  That does not mean
that you will like or not like it.  It is an unusual building to say the
least . . . On the outside it looks like a series of corrugated pastel boxes
joined together and painted in smokey pastel shades of yellow, orange,
green, and blue.  On the inside it is unusual.  Columbus is the home to
several "deconstructionist" architectural erections, and the Convention
Center is but one of them.  Do not expect to find any straight lines.
Hallways bend.  Carpeting panels are multi-colored and have a non-pattern
which bends, zigs, and zags.  Walls do not join at right angles.  Some
ceiling beams in the hallways are deliberately segmented into different
levels as if you were looking a letter "Z" where the top and bottom are the
longer segments of the span.  Lecture auditoriums have off-center aisles,
and the aisle slopes up, not down.  Other surprises will be found.

Frolic and Detour:

The above listed hotels and the convention center are located on the north
edge of the downtown (which has some interesting buildings but as they are
mostly government, banks, or insurance buildings, there will be no night
life).  However, quite adequate entertainment, food, and drink will be found
nearby on Nationwide Blvd. (immediately south), on High Street in the "Short
North" which begins immediately north of the convention center, and the
"Arena District" about three blocks to the west.  If you want to travel
further, there is the "Brewery District" about 20 blocks south-southwest
where live rock music is prevalent and many bars and restaurants are.  There
is also the OSU area about two miles north on High Street and Lane Avenue.
There won't be a lot of food choices near OSU, but there will be many, many

Oh -- I forgot -- no one is going for fun and frolic -- everyone is going
solely for the education. That's too bad.  Columbus is a thriving, fun, and
lively city, especially for the young at heart.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
Ohio State, '79
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