[PC-BSD Testing] Dolphin thinks external HD is full but it isn't

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 07:42:42 PDT 2010

I removed all files from the drive and now it reports 1.2GB free.

# df -h shows:

Filesystem   Size    Used     Avail    Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/da0s1   1.9G    635M    1.2G    35%         /media/disk

Yet Dolphin reports the drive size as 931.5 GiB which seems about right.

Sysinstall shows:

DISK Geometry:  121601 cyls/255 heads/63 sectors = 1953520065 sectors (953867MB)
Offset                       Size(ST)             End                Name  PType       Desc      Subtype    Flags
0                              63                      62                  -         12            unused    0            
63                            1953520002        1953520064    da0s1  8             freebsd      165            
1953520065              5103 1953525167                     -         12             unused        0            

Anyone else have this problem?

--- On Tue, 8/3/10, Jeff <dejamuse at yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Jeff <dejamuse at yahoo.com>
Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] Dolphin thinks external HD is full but it isn't
To: testing at lists.pcbsd.org
Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2010, 11:19 AM

On 8.0 or 8.1 I have tried to use a new Western Digital external USB HD for backup.  It's a 1TB drive and initially I had no problems with it. I backed up about 2.4GB of files and then Dolphin wouldn't write to it anymore - says it's full.

Dolphin reports the size now as 931.5 GiB but if I right-click /media/disk --> properties, it says "device usage 16.0 EiB free 1.9 Gib (-2,147,235,468 % used)".  The green "progress" bar underneath the drive icon shows it's full.  I have a 500 GB internal HD that works just fine.  

The exact same problem occurs in Konqueror as file manager.

Any workaround?  

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