[PC-BSD Testing] Issue with gvim and font

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Mon Apr 12 02:41:39 PDT 2010

On 04/12/2010 13:33, Grégoire Welraeds wrote:
>   Cannot start GUI, no valid font found

Found this online:


Was able to make gvim work here by doing the following:

cp /usr/local/share/vim/vim72/gvimrc_example.vim /home/<user>/.gvimrc

Then edit .gvimrc, and un-comment the first line about x-font:

" set the X11 font to use
set guifont=-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--14-130-75-75-c-70-iso8859-1

Save, and start gvim again, seems to work OK now :)

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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