[PC-BSD Testing] Alpha 8.0-20090929 Available

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Wed Sep 30 22:15:36 PDT 2009

Some quick observations before I hit the sack.

Live CD mode boots up nicely

nVidia drivers work great. - Thanks Kris

The software manager seems to be a bit problematic. Thunderbird would 
start to DL and then fail. Firefox didn't completely DL the first time. 
The second time I got it and it said it was installing it but it didn't. 
It disappeared from the list of installed pbi programs. Opera DL'd and 
installed but did not put its icon in the menu. It did however run OK. 
K3b DL'd and installed but would not run.

None of the extra software was installed initially so I presume that 
part is not implemented yet. I did manage to get the ports installed 
after the installation and I installed Thunderbird. That is running just 
fine as this is being written with it.

The Ports Console also has some problems. You can cd to some of the 
directories but not to others. For instance cd /usr/ports fails with no 
such file or directory message while cd /usr/sbin works just fine. The 
terminal lets me cd to the directories that fail in the Ports Console. 
Anyway, it is late so I will work on this again tomorrow.

Kris Moore wrote:
> Everybody,
> The next Alpha of PC-BSD 8.0 is now ready for you to download!
> Notable changes in this release:
> * FreeBSD 8.0-RC1
> * Improvements to base system
>    - Using /usr/local LOCALBASE, allows users to easily modify their base desktop
>      in the usual FreeBSD-ish way
>    - Port-Console tool, provides users a way to build / run ports in a jailed environment,
>      without fear of destroying their working desktop setup
> * Many bugfixes to the install / live image, fixed lots of hal/dbus issues with xorg,
> and fixed many bugs running in LIVE mode from DVD.
> * NVIDIA drivers for 32bit now included
>    (Nvidia is working on the 64bit drivers, and we'll include those when they are released)
> * Misc other bugfixes, etc
> Grab it here: (both 32/64bit)
> ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/alpha-iso/
> As noted previously, this is an ALPHA, expect BUGS, and lots of them! We are still working on
> our new installer, and hope to have that impelemented in one of the next alphas. Also, PBIs are
> not yet being built for 8.0, but we are getting ready to do so, now that the release of FreeBSD 8.0
> is getting closer :)
> --
> Kris Moore
> PC-BSD Software
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