[PC-BSD Testing] To Dru Lavigne -- Include runports info in book

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 15:26:35 PDT 2009

Dear Dru --

It's great to find you checking in here, and If you are checking back in
please write yourself a program note to devote some time to PCBSD's "new"
ports dichotomy and its local base settings that require users to use
"runports" to install and run ports.  While Kris has made this easy in the
sense that he has given us menu items to do it (switch local base, employ
runports, etc.), I think the ports standard base vs. local base and the
difference between installing "system" ports and upgrades vs. "user" ports
and upgrades remains a mystery to many PCBSD users and the PCBSD
documentation is thin if not malnourished.  Because of your great writing
style and the clarity that you bring to subjects, your including runports
information in your book could de-mystify this area for the average PCBSD

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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